Daily Prompt: The Perfect Game — UNO

Ahhh, the perfect game… brings back some good childhood memories.

I grew up in a family of 4. My ‘parental units’ (what I now call mom & dad), my older sister & me.
We used to play card games a lot. Cribbage, Go Fish, WAR, and several others. But the MOST competitive game that we played has to be…  UNO!

We played it two different ways: regular and [my favorite] cut-throat.
If you’ve never played or heard of the cut-throat version, it’s simple.
Let’s say player 1 lays down a blue 9. Player 2 throws out a blue 3. Player 3 tosses in a blue Draw Two.
Player 4 has a Draw Two in their hand, so instead of drawing the 2 cards, Player 4 throws in their Draw Two.
Now, if Player 1 doesn’t have a Draw Two in their hand, they have to Draw 4. However, if Player 1 also were to have a Draw Two in their hand, they can play it and Player 2 would then have to draw 6… and so on. The same thing applies to the Draw Four cards.
It’s an all-out brawl… All for self… Winner takes All!!!

I was a beast when we played. I was mean & nasty, always looking to make someone PAY. And when they did, I’d laugh.
It seems that I was usually out to get my sister. Though on occasion, we’d team up and try to pin the nasties on one of our parental units.
But…  when the tide turned, and I got all of those nasty Draw Twos or Draw Fours, I would become furious.

Looking back, even when I was losing, playing cards with my family was one of
the BEST fun things we did together.