Daily Prompt: Non-Regional Diction [Midwesterner Transplanted in the Mid-Atlantic]

If you read my last post, you know I hail from West Michigan.
But, for the last four years, I’ve been residing in Southern New Jersey, where my husband is from.
And as you can probably guess, there’s quite a difference in speech & accent.

I love to listen to people with other accents talk. I love the diversity.
Here are some examples of our differences in speech. (note: think of ah as in a shortened ‘ahhhhh’–refreshing):

Me: “I like bottled wah-der.”
Hubby: “I like bottled war-der”

Soft Drink
Me: -adds POP to the grocery list-
Hubby: “It’s SODA”

Me: “Do you want keel-basa & mashed potatoes for dinner?”
Hubby: “Yeah, we haven’t had kill-ba-see in awhile.”

Me: “I’m craving chocolate. Can you get some Reesez pieces while you’re out?”
Hubby: “Sure, and I’ll get some Reesees peanut butter cups too.”

Shoes (walking/fitness)
Me: “I can’t find my tennis shoes!”
Hubby: “Where are my sneakers?”

Me: “Dang it’s fawggy outside this morning.”
Hubby: “Yup, it is fahggy outside.”

Me: “I don’t like frawgs.”
Hubby: “Come here and kiss this frahg!”

Me: “Get owt of here!”
Hubby: “Get ahwt of here!”

Isn’t he cute? I just love hearin’ em talk. He gets embarrassed about it sometimes. N’ I feel a little self-conshus owt in public. Especially when shopping for POP, since I’m the mynority (me). Or is that my-NAR-ity (him)?