How do I love thee…

heart pancakeHeart-shaped pancakes he made me for Mother’s Day 2012

… let me count the ways.

  1. He’s thoughtful & kind.
  2. He’s giving.
  3. He’s respectful.
  4. He’s helpful–without argument or being asked.
  5. His smile–it makes me smile.
  6. His sense of humor–I love it when you make me laugh.
  7. His eyes–deep blue & always have a sparkle.
  8. His arms–when he holds me close I know I have nothing to fear.
  9. His lips–not only soft & kissable; I love it when he compliments me.
  10. He’s my soul-mate.

There are many more reasons. I love you for you, Sexy Eyez.
I couldn’t ask for a better partner to travel with on life’s journey.