Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

It seems that fairly often I have this issue. Part of it I blame on brain fog.
(I think I’m perimenopausal, to be honest, and i’m only 38).

The last big thing, a mistake that I can remember, was last  year when I swore up and down that my family and I had watched [and enjoyed] “Fast & Furious 6”. I did not know that Dwayne Johnson was in Fast 5. I thought he was only in the final 2 movies. It led to a big discussion on a good friends social media page.

I honestly wasn’t trying to make a big deal of it. However, I was very angry and annoyed when one of his friends joined our discussion. I found the ‘friend’ to be rude & obnoxious and I ended up doing something very impetuous. To make a long story short, I basically ended our friendship.

To this day I still don’t care to overturn my decision (which is highly unlike me). I am normally the type of person to forgive and forget and admit my mistakes. Not this time–I just didn’t care. It wasn’t a big deal, just trivial garbage. Though I have to admit, my friend can be a bit overbearing himself. I guess I was finally tired of him belittling me over foolish things.

Ah well, live and learn. I guess I’m learning to finally stick up for myself.