Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim

It happened back in January 1996…

I had graduated only a few years before and was still living at home. I had been taking college classes in the morning and working full-time in the evenings.
My sister had just had her 2nd child, so my parents decided to rent a car and make the long drive from West Michigan to Georgia to visit my sister & her family, and meet the new grand-baby. I was a nervous wreck as I’d never really been on my own alone, not for 2 weeks anyway.

Since my parents had rented a vehicle, I had use of their car and my grandfather had lent us one of his vehicles since we had had car trouble the week before.
Then it happened… only a day or two since my parents left and a huge snowstorm moved in. We got dumped on; a lot of lake effect snow.

While it was still snowing, I decided to switch the vehicles around in the garage because one of the cars was extremely low on gas and I needed it for work later. In the process I got my grandfathers car, which sat lower to the ground then ours did, stuck in 6+ inches of snow over our gravel driveway. So I called my parents and my mom so lovingly asked, “What do you expect us to do from here?”  Um, be a little more empathetic & give me some ideas maybe.

I was frantic! The neighbor down the street was due to come plow out the driveway and I couldn’t get the car out of the snow. Then I remembered a family from church had recently moved to the area. I searched desperately for their phone number and made the call asking if the Mr. could help me get the car out of the driveway. Thankfully, he was able to get it out of the snow and back into the garage before the other neighbor came to plow.

The rest of the time my parents were away went without a hitch. No other upsets, thank God.