Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past

Several holidays are special to me. While I was growing up we always had Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas at my grandmother’s house.
The house was full of life, laughter, smiles and of course the wonderful smells that accompanying whatever was baking in the oven.

What has stuck with me the most have been the times, when as a teenager, I stayed over at my grandmother’s house Thanksgiving night. The next day she & I would get up early and go shopping for her Christmas tree, wreaths, and some greenery garland. A couple of times she bought two trees; one for the upstairs living room and the other for the basement where we sometimes held family Christmas festivities.

We would come home, unload the trunk of her car and get busy decorating.
We wrapped the greenery around the banister of the front porch and hung more greenery above the garage, attaching large, bright red bows between each of the scallops. The wreaths were hung on the front door & the side door  with red bows and gold cording.

Once the outside was finished, we would go inside and have a mug of hot chocolate before decorating inside.
By now her gentleman friend was here to help get the tree in the stand. She would help me put the lights and garland on. But then she’d go find other decorations and let me finish the tree however I wanted. I think she enjoyed seeing my creativity.

When the tree was decorated and the tree skirt put on, she would bring out a tattered old box and set up the old train she had. I don’t know how old it was, but I was amazed to see that it still chugged along the tracks and still blew steam from it’s stack year after year.

Then it was on to putting out the other decorations: a little wooden NOEL train, a ceramic Nativity scene, some scented candles…
mmmm peppermint!

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, as a teenager, during holidays or taking mini vacations. We always had fun together. Now that I live so far away from home I cherish those memories.