What do you do? [Deciding what to blog about]

When I first started blogging I always wrote following the Daily Prompt.
Please understand, I do not write daily because I do not follow every daily prompt. I seem to write using the daily prompts that interest me the most. However, none of them have interested me at all lately so I haven’t been blogging.

I don’t want to continue writing using only the daily prompts. But I haven’t quite figured out what else to write about. I’m not overly busy and there’s a variety of things that interest me. Yet finding what to write about is an issue; so is my lack of confidence. Sometimes I’ll get an idea for writing, then have second thoughts because it might not interest someone else (even though I mostly write for my own enjoyment).

I don’t want to write a “diary”, although that could prove interesting at times. And I don’t want to write about tough issues (Government, Politics, or the like).  I do like to try to encourage others.

There are several subjects I could include in my blog: struggling with weight loss, domestic violence, crafts, photography, recipes. I don’t know that I could choose just one topic and stick to it.

So what do you do?

Ideas? Suggestions?
How did you decide what topic(s) to blog about?


One thought on “What do you do? [Deciding what to blog about]

  1. I go thru this feel every evening after I return from work… The best solution as I’ve read somewhere and have implemented is – is to just start writing forgetting if it’s ever going to come out… the first draft is what’s most important and it eventually almost always confidences you into posting! Is confidences even a word?


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