“The Biggest Loser”

This is not regarding the controversy over the Season 15 winner. There is already too much judging and criticism.

I love the show. It is both an inspiration and a motivation.
I missed most of Season 15 but I did watch the last 4 or 5 weeks.
I am so proud of each contestant. They all have done so well and look so good;
David especially. He has had an amazing transformation–he doesn’t even look like the same person. These people have accomplished more than just weight loss. They have gained confidence, security in themselves, and so much more.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m making a life change; I struggle with weight issues. And the truth of the matter is I could possibly qualify to be a contestant. But I don’t know that I could handle going through what they do & have.  I don’t necessarily mean the hard workouts, I am just so self conscious of what I look like, I wouldn’t want to be seen on tv. I wouldn’t want to dress in biker shorts & a sports bra for weigh ins and have ANYONE, let alone the nation, see me. The contestants have something I don’t–bravery. But I am starting to break out of that shell little by little.


I started my lifestyle change June 22, 2011–the day after my oldest child’s birthday. I had finally gotten sick and tired of the way I looked and my lack of activity. I was fairly sedentary. I was a SAHM turned WAHM.
I have finally had enough of myself.

I had heard about or seen an advertisement for a website that had some really good reviews that helped people lose weight. So I decided to check it out. It seemed legit. There was a slideshow of testimonials that caught my attention. At first I thought, “these people probably only had a few pounds to lose”. And yes, a few only had 30-60 to lose. But then I saw the testimony that made me decide to give the website a shot. A female site user lost over 100 pounds.

As I mentioned earlier, I started my lifestyle change June 22, 11. A year went by–I had lost 75 pounds. A few months later I got really sick. I don’t know if it was a cold or a flu bug, but I was sick for 6 weeks straight. As an asthmatic, it was struggle to breathe just from walking across the room. So forget exercising.

They say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit…
I had gotten used to not exercising. So when I was well again, for a while I didn’t. I was making bad choices or over eating on top of it. And TOM wasn’t helping (I’m ravenously hungry the first couple of days).
I started working out again but not as often as I had been when I first started. A workout here, skip a few days, another workout, miss a day, workout again.  I was still over eating.  Anyway, I ended up gaining about 30 pounds back over that next year and a half.

By November 2013 I was working out a bit more but still struggling to control the over eating.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was doing better but still dealing with excess calories and I almost gave up.


But something inside me… a little ember still burning with a desire to keep going… suddenly changed from a tiny glowing ember to a raging inferno. I was NOT going to give up. I had come too far to go back.

January 2014
I renewed my commitment to keep going.
I made a pledge.

I Pledge

I’m getting stronger. Gonna live longer.
I try to workout 5 days a week, giving time to rest my body.
I weigh-in once a week.
I don’t diet. I eat what I want, keeping my portions reasonable.
I haven’t lost much since my pledge. I’ve lost a little, gained it back and re-lost it plus some. But I’m looking forward to Sunday’s weigh in this week because I have been kicking my own butt.
As we used to say in one of our challenge groups
“Keep on kicking fatty’s tail”.

I am on the road to bettering myself.
“If for whatever reason or excuse I don’t workout, it’s a day that I’ve lost to better myself.”
~Yours Truly (xCraftyChickx)


So that’s a snippet from my life.
If you’re struggling with weight loss, I want to encourage you.
You CAN do it! You CAN lose weight.
I would like to invite you to my group on Facebook.
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Be the BEST that you can be.
(Harder Better Faster Stronger ~~ Daft Punk)
Not my vid but sharing one of my ‘theme songs’.