Disappointment Happens

I was expecting to see a decent loss on the scale this morning. It didn’t happen.  I did lose, but not as much as I thought I would have. And I’m confused as to why. I mean, come on… I was kicking my own butt,
I had left over calories, I even had an NSV this week!!
(I actually jogged a bit. I haven’t jogged in years).

I feel bloated, which is odd because I never feel bloated, even when TOM is near. Looking at my food diary I think it’s probably a number of things.

1) Sodium–I can’t seem to ever keep that low.
(2500mg per day is needed daily for an adult)
2) Not enough fruit and veggies consumed.
3) Not enough water consumed–especially considering the overage on sodium.
4) My body didn’t want to cooperate (due to 2 & 3) this morning.
Didn’t completely void. (TMI I know, Sorry. But s*** happens. Or in this case, did not. Sorry again!)

I am actually on the verge of tears. And I’m not the type of person that shows emotion very often, unless I’m angry.  When you’ve worked so hard it’s difficult to accept something happening that is below what you thought you were accomplishing.  Even though I’m disappointed, I have to remember that what I’m trying to do isn’t easy. There will be bumps in the road. But I’ve got to keep on keeping on to reach my goal. And it will happen.