I’m a Beast… Hear Me Roar… meow

I don’t recall exactly where we heard this phrase, but hubby and I use it from time to time when we’re feeling silly or in a good mood. But today, it’s how I am feeling and it’s most definitely NOT funny.

It’s been a down day for the most part & the day isn’t even half over yet.
I’m not even sure why I feel like this. If I should hazard a guess, it may stem from yesterday, but I’m not so certain about that either.
On one hand I’ve been growly with people. On the other, I’ve been sad, almost depressed. I don’t feel like doing anything.
I don’t feel like working out.
I haven’t even eaten yet today.
And I know that isn’t right.

It’s time to SNAP out of it!
I know what I have to do.

I’m going to put some music on.
There’s a song from the early 90’s
that always seems to change my mood for the better.
(this has become one of my theme songs over the past year)

C + C Music Factory  —  “Live Happy”
(Not my vid)

Ahhhh… I feel much better!
Now it’s time I get busy, and make this a GREAT day.

“Don’t Worry, LIVE Happy!”