~That Dirty Word No One Likes To Hear~

You know what word I’m talking about…


No one I know likes hearing that word. When I write a post either here on my blog, on my group page, or my group’s twitter, I disguise it. I use words like active/activity, fitness, or workout. We need to change that. Exercise is NOT a Dirty Word.

Here is a post from my Encouragement and Support for Weight Loss group on facebook; posted April 29, 2014. (Group Link below)

Exercise… I don’t have time today.
Exercise… but my body will hurt.
Exercise… but I’ll be sore tomorrow.
Exercise… but it’s too hard.
Exercise… but I’m too tired.
Exercise… I will make the time to be more healthy.
Exercise… My body may hurt, but pain is weakness leaving the body.
Exercise… Sure I may be sore, but I’m using & strengthening muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.
Exercise… It’s hard work but the benefits will be worth it.
Exercise… Clears the mind, strengthens the body & it can help regulate SLEEP.
You can keep making excuses…
You can suck it up buttercup & tell that negative voice to SHUT UP!


Group: http://on.fb.me/N8qIVm

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