Another Year Older and Trying to Be Better

Last week was my birthday. The BIG 3-9. Normally I would say how old I feel or complain that I didn’t want to get any older. This year I didn’t feel that way at all. I guess I’ve grown up a bit. I do still claim to be 29 though. (wink)

I had a pretty decent birthday. I have no complaints. I had my hubby and kids with me. The kids did homemade cards for me, Hubby gave me a beautiful card with a gift card, and my parents sent me, as per my request, a couple of workout DVDs. I am so excited to get started on them.


The kids and I sat down and watched Tae Bo Cardio Explosion yesterday.
WOW!! It’s crazy but I’m sure I’ll love it!!
I have to admit there are some things that I can’t do just yet.
I plan to modify those things so that I can complete the workout.

Also today was my weigh-in day.
I had a pleasant surprise.
A 3.4 pound lost since my last weigh-in.

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