Daily Writing Prompts and Upcoming NaBloPoMo — Writer’s Block Again?

I’ve been feeling somewhat displeased with myself for not writing very often. I don’t always have or come up with material to write about; Sometimes I try to do it on the spot.

It’s been some time since I’ve written using a writing prompt and NaBloPoMo is next month. I will probably start doing those again. As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes give my kids Daily Prompts as writing assignments. I was reading over one of the prompts from last week and got the idea to use them for myself as well. They would give me even more practice in writing.

One of my biggest personal writing issues, because I’m a perfectionist, is that I want to improve on punctuation and sentence structure. Do I need a comma here? What can I do so this is like this? That doesn’t seem right. My brain is in a fog or something.

I always did well in English and Creative Writing while I was going to school, but that was two decades ago and it has slipped over the years. Most of what I’ve written since high school are poems or letters. I’ve tried journaling to see if that helps, but again it’s an issue of ‘on the spot’ writing.
Is this a form or writer’s block?