[NaBloPoMo] Day 4 — Favorite Holiday

November 4th Prompt from BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo page.
What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)

I truly struggle with this idea. I don’t have many happy memories. I don’t know if it’s due to a lot of negativity in my life or maybe it’s high expectations that weren’t met or it’s possibly sinful nature that we sometimes dwell on bad things. No matter what the cause, it is difficult for me to think of good memories sometimes.

After much thought, I do recall having a special birthday one year.

It was my 9th birthday.

We were living in Washington D.C. at the time; my dad was in the Navy.
My parents seemed to be in a big rush that morning. Breakfast was made and set out on the table. My sister and I were told not to waste time, “Hurry and eat, then go get dressed and ready to go!”

“Go where?”, I thought, while chewing. “There was no family near enough to visit and there was no shopping to do. At least I don’t think they would take me shopping for my bir–…”

“Hurry up!”, dad called, interrupting my thoughts. I quickly finished breakfast, then ran upstairs to my room to get changed and ready to go.

Almost done, and from the hallway downstairs I hear, “We need to leave now or we’ll miss it!”

(“Miss what?“)   “OK! I’m almost ready!”, I shouted.

I think I was the last one out the door and in the car.

I don’t remember the drive there. So many thoughts swirling around inside my head. I wonder where we’re going? I hope it doesn’t take forever to get there. What if Grandma is making a surprise visit?! I hope she brings Missy. Missy was her poodle.

I remember pulling up along side the road. There must have been a parking lot or something. Traffic wasn’t very busy in that area.
We got out of the car and walked along the sidewalk to an open area near the river; the Potomac River.

“What are we doing here?”, I asked. “Just be patient and watch. You’ll see.”, said mom.

Several minutes pass. Then several more.

And then, I saw something. “What is that?”, I said to myself. It was getting closer, and closer.

It was a schooner. Behind that came another tall ship. And another. And another. I was really excited! I thought this was all for me! A parade of tall ships just for me on my birthday!!

I asked my mom what all this was. “The tall ships are coming through. They are making a trip through the ocean to the Great Lakes. We thought that you would like to see them.”, she said smiling. My face was gleaming. “This is NEAT!”, I cried.

We stayed there over an hour, maybe two, watching ship after ship. I don’t know how many we saw but I enjoyed every single one of them.

I believe there was a replica of at least one of Columbus’s ships, and maybe the HMS Bounty. I will have to check with the parental units. There may be some editing to do later.

[Blogging 101] Say Your Name

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.
“If you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline…”

I’m very happy with my title and tagline.

Potpourri Adventures fit because life is a mixed bag of adventure and opportunity.

My tagline: A place to be; uniquely me  — What more can I say? I write my thoughts and feelings. I write about life experiences. I write poems and stories. It’s all genuine. It’s all me.