Chicken Soup — Jewish Penicillin

Yup! You guessed it. I’m still not over this… this… whatever it is.
I’ve heard Chicken Soup (aka Jewish Penicillin) is supposed to be a great help. I’ve been making soup almost daily using quite a bit of garlic. It seems to help, but it’s not been chicken soup.
I might try Jamie Oliver’s recipe.


Is chicken soup really Jewish penicillin?

The scientific verdict is still out on this question. It certainly seems to help those with colds and congestion, but may not necessarily be the best choice for an upset stomach unless it is fat-free.

via Chicken Soup for the Cold – Jewish Penicillin.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Soup — Jewish Penicillin

  1. i always hard jewish penicillin was matzo ball soup…. i guess any soup ois considered penicillin for that particular culture eh?? i hope you feel better soon. echinacia and vitamin C pills work wonders and are natural. But ultimately your body needs to just push that sucker out.


    • I honestly don’t know what true Jewish Penicillin consists of. There are so many different recipes out there.
      Thank you for your kind words. Ever since having asthma (diagnosed in November 2004), it’s a bit harder for me to get over cold & flu. The congestion and cough likes to stick around and is the last to go. :/

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