Playing with New Content

Going through Blogging 101, I’ve been learning about several things.

Reader’s who have been around awhile have probably noticed that I changed the theme of my blog.

There are other changes that you may not have realized.
The new buttons at the top right. If you have played around with them, kudos to you!
If not, this post is to help make you aware of them, as well as their contents.

I have been playing around a bit with widgets and pages today and the last week or so.
The first button (dark salmon), is where links to my pages are located. (See below)
There is a new page (My Poetry), and the My Fitness Story page has been updated.

New Content1

The 2nd button (light salmon), is where you’ll find links to my recent posts and links for some of the blogs I follow. (See below)

New Content2

The final button (light blue), is exactly what it appears to be; a search function.

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