Stuffing Rolls

This is a recipe I started making while I was living in Canada. One of the grocery stores we frequented sold them in the deli. We tried them once and they looked easy enough to make. So instead of buying more of them I made my own version.
These are excellent for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Stuffing (make your own or use boxed)
Refrigerator Croissant Rolls

Prepare your stuffing ahead of time.
Follow oven heating instructions on Croissant packaging.
Unroll a couple individual croissant dough pieces at a time; gently press edges to spread & stretch them out a bit.
Using a Tablespoon or large serving spoon, spoon stuffing onto each croissant. Fold over ONCE from “L” shaped edge and continue to roll up.
Fold outer corners (of L-side) to underside forming a closed roll. Place, seam-side down, on UNGREASED cookie sheet or sheet pan.
Bake rolls as directed on Croissant dough packaging or until golden brown.