Mrs Grinch

Ahh, December… Christmas…
It’s supposed to be the most JOYFUL time of the year, right?

Almost every year it seems I struggle with the joyful part. Last year I didn’t so much, but here I am again this year trying to be cheerful.

My beloved was laid off in the summer of 2009.
He did odd jobs off and on for 5 years. Some weren’t worth the money and some he wasn’t paid what he was owed.
He was hired this past May, but got laid off in October; temporarily this time until the company starts a new project contract.
So we have had our struggles. And it hurts me deeply that we haven’t been able afford to get the kids at least some of the things they would like.

Yes, I know that Christmas isn’t about material things. Christmas is, or should be, the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That is where our JOY should come from.
I guess, in all honesty, my focus has been in the wrong place. Instead of focusing on Jesus, my attention is on my circumstance.

Forgive me Lord, for forgetting my focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I ask that You would help me look past my circumstance and to look to You always. Amen.