Fun with Felines

I am really enjoying my new camera. I didn’t realize how much I have missed shooting photographs. I had a ball. Our other 2 feline fur-babies were my subjects today.

Let me introduce you to Maximus Leonidas and Yoda.

Max was my birthday present in 2013. I named him Maximus Leonidas specifically for the meaning behind the name–the Great Lion. He is anything but. He’s long and thin, and is fairly skittish. He’s probably the most gentle and quiet cat I have ever had. He can also be a bit of a brat, sometimes taking after his step-brother Yoda, who is an instigator and a bit of a trouble maker with our other two felines.

Yoda was named by my husband who, at first sight of him, said that he had a green tinge to his fur. Not only that, but when you scratch him in just the right spot on his head he flattens his ears out to the side; similar to the way Yoda from Star Wars ears appear.

In my first attempt at photographing Max, he started nuzzling the camera lens which made me laugh. He doesn’t often show affection so it was a cute surprise. Yoda also tried to “nose boop” the lens and fogged it up in one of the photos.


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Photos taken with Pentax K-50