Learning a New Skill

For the past month I’ve been taking online classes to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom. It was a great course and the instructor taught each class in detail. Whatever questions he couldn’t get to during the session, he would take via email as well.

It was a free course through Shaw Academy (Mastering Lightroom). You can buy a membership and take as many classes as you’d like. Right now they are offering a FREE course for a very limited time (HURRY! Less than 24 hours left in the offer–I apologize for not posting about this sooner). I’ve been so busy getting my assignments and challenges done, as well as normal life stuff. I actually still have one assignment and my final exam left to do.

Shaw Academy offers several courses including: Photography, Cooking, Weight Loss, Career Advancement, and many more. They are currently creating several other courses to be introduced by the Fall.

Anyway, I learned a lot in the 8 classes of this course. You may be thinking you can’t learn very much in that short of time, but I actually learned quite a bit. Thankfully they offer replays of their courses. You can go back and watch the recordings up to 2 weeks after the course ends. (I took down a lot of notes). This is a BIG help for studying before taking your final exam for your certification.
(You are given THREE (3) chances to pass the final exam).


So, what’s this course like? Well…

For the first couple of lessons we learned about the program interface, how to import photos and how to organize them. Each lesson after covered a few to several other tools; learning how to use them to edit and improve photographs. After each lesson we were given a challenge to send in to show the instructor our understanding of what we had learned. We also had an assignment for each class (a multiple choice quiz). Challenges were not mandatory in this course, but as a visual/hands-on learner this was great for me.

Here are a few of my challenge results:


Challenge 1: Send in a photo we improved in Lightroom using the basic tools. (Photo taken with Pentax K-50)


Challenge 3: Send in a photo that we edited in 2 different ways. (Photo taken w/ Pentax K-50)


Challenge 4: Send in a photo with a local adjustment–use one or more tools from the lesson. (Photo taken with LG L Stylo)


Challenge 5, Part 1: Enhance the color of a photo w/ HSL.  Part 2: Do a B&W Conversion photograph. (photo taken with Pentax K-50; a request by my daughter)


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my work.
Remember to take a look at the classes being offered, you might find one you like.
HURRY! Offer expires in less than 24 hours!