Recommitted–Twice Over

Weight Loss… it’s a difficult road. If you are overweight you know exactly how hard it is.

If you’re one of my usual readers you know I have struggled for years. You have read my unfinished story. The saga continues…

It has been a few months since I have worked out. I’ve become lazy and more sedentary. (not good!)  I have known just by the way I feel that I have been gaining weight and needed to do something about it. I’ve been angry with myself. I’ve felt discouraged because I hadn’t seen any results when I had been working at it after having been so sick. (My family and I had had terrible colds, lasting many weeks, thrice over the past 2 years).

For the past couple weeks I’ve sat knowing I need to change my habits and get back into my fitness routines, yet at the same time I was thinking, “What can I do? How can I change this?” Then I remembered some wise words I had spoken to others–JUST MOVE!

Yeah, I was taking my own medicine.

This week I jumped off the self-pity train, recommitted myself, and got back on the Fitness Wagon. For the past 2 days I have been kicking my own behind. Do I hurt? Oh yeah! But I’m not going to let that stop me. It’s a good pain.

This morning I did a weigh-in. I didn’t want to do it, but I knew I had to. I was shocked. I knew I had gained, but it was more than I thought I had.


I’m glad that I made the choice to do better for myself. Not only that, I have a family that needs me too.

With all of that said, last week I recommitted my life to Christ. I had not walked away from Him, I just wasn’t as serious in my relationship with God as I used to be.


Maybe you’ve been struggling with losing weight or to break a bad habit. Or maybe you, too, haven’t been totally committed in your relationship with God.
Don’t be dismayed. Recommit!
Smile and hold your head up high. You can do it this time! If you happen to fall along the way, get up and keep going.
You only fail if you quit.

Now I’m off to plan my workout for today.
Much love and God bless you. ❤

2015 Fitness Goals

Image Created using Paint Shop Pro by xCraftyChickx

Yeah, I know… it’s almost the end of January, but it’s not too late to start making goals for the year.

Goals? Don’t you mean resolutions?

NO! I mean GOALS.
Resolutions are too easily tossed to the side.
GOALS require commitment.

I have made several goals for the year and fewer fitness goals, but will be making more. For now my list consists of:

1) Working out more often.
I started slacking after school started. (I’m a homeschool mom).

2) Walking 300 miles over the course of the year.
I think I’m falling a bit behind, but I’ll catch up within the next month or 2.

Holiday Weight Maintenance

Between October and December many people find it difficult to maintain &/or lose weight, however, it IS possible.
If you think about it, there really is no difference in HOW it’s done. It’s still all about what you eat, how much, and exercising.
PORTION CONTROL & SELF-CONTROL are most of the problem.
How many people do you know who binge and over eat during holiday festivities?
I for one am guilty of doing it in past years, BUT…
this year I am challenging myself to have more self-control so that THIS doesn’t happen:

Photo was shared by a friend of mine on FB

Also, remember to drink plenty of water.
HINT: Water can HELP with weight loss.
Drink a glass (or two) of water before sitting down to dinner.

May you and yours have Happy and Safe holiday celebrations!

Happy Birthday JESUS!!

Fallen But Slowly Getting Back Up

It has been several months since I have worked out and it irritates me. When school started my personal schedule changed. Why? Because I homeschool my kids.

I have yet to figure out how to get my workouts in. It might be best to include it in our school day; Phys. Ed for them and a good workout for me. They’re young enough to engage in that. I’ve just got to get the scheduling figured out.

On another note, I have my computer back and I’ve been trying to get more done with my other blog. So I’ve been busy working to get things done for that too. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish much of anything. sigh

It Takes Guts

For months I’ve debated even sharing my story.
I know I shouldn’t care what other people think or say about me, but I already have self-esteem (confidence) issues. Being morbidly obese magnifies them.

There I said it.
YES, I’m morbidly obese; I’m not just “fat”.
It’s hard to admit it to myself, let alone publicly.

Today I have a new page that I’d like to share. It’s my untold (except in my Facebook group), incomplete fitness story. It tells when & how my struggle with weight started and how some of life’s circumstances landed me where I am today.

My [Incomplete] Fitness Story

Fitness HappensPhoto is from the internet.

Another Year Older and Trying to Be Better

Last week was my birthday. The BIG 3-9. Normally I would say how old I feel or complain that I didn’t want to get any older. This year I didn’t feel that way at all. I guess I’ve grown up a bit. I do still claim to be 29 though. (wink)

I had a pretty decent birthday. I have no complaints. I had my hubby and kids with me. The kids did homemade cards for me, Hubby gave me a beautiful card with a gift card, and my parents sent me, as per my request, a couple of workout DVDs. I am so excited to get started on them.


The kids and I sat down and watched Tae Bo Cardio Explosion yesterday.
WOW!! It’s crazy but I’m sure I’ll love it!!
I have to admit there are some things that I can’t do just yet.
I plan to modify those things so that I can complete the workout.

Also today was my weigh-in day.
I had a pleasant surprise.
A 3.4 pound lost since my last weigh-in.

~That Dirty Word No One Likes To Hear~

You know what word I’m talking about…


No one I know likes hearing that word. When I write a post either here on my blog, on my group page, or my group’s twitter, I disguise it. I use words like active/activity, fitness, or workout. We need to change that. Exercise is NOT a Dirty Word.

Here is a post from my Encouragement and Support for Weight Loss group on facebook; posted April 29, 2014. (Group Link below)

Exercise… I don’t have time today.
Exercise… but my body will hurt.
Exercise… but I’ll be sore tomorrow.
Exercise… but it’s too hard.
Exercise… but I’m too tired.
Exercise… I will make the time to be more healthy.
Exercise… My body may hurt, but pain is weakness leaving the body.
Exercise… Sure I may be sore, but I’m using & strengthening muscles that haven’t been used in awhile.
Exercise… It’s hard work but the benefits will be worth it.
Exercise… Clears the mind, strengthens the body & it can help regulate SLEEP.
You can keep making excuses…
You can suck it up buttercup & tell that negative voice to SHUT UP!