Tonight through Friday, I will be unplugging myself from the internet. The Holidays are a time for celebrating with Family and Friends.

Technology is great, don’t get me wrong, but I think many people are way too attached to their phones and/or computers or other devices.

I DO have posts ready to go for the next couple of days, so I have NaBloPoMo covered. ūüôā

To show my family that they are uppermost in my life, I will be turning off my technological toys more often.

More reasons to UNPLUG:

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Happier Days

I’m tired of
your same old ways,
making excuses
day after day.

You tell me that
you want to change,
but your ‘goal’
seems way out of range.

I’m tired of
your verbal appeasement;
proof, in action,
would be a better achievement.

Aren’t you tired
of my complaining?
I feel like you think
my words are disdaining.

How can I make it more
perfectly clear?
When¬†it’s too late
and I’m no longer here?

If you actually gave a damn
you would do as you say.
No more excuses & lies
would make for happier days.

Chicken Soup — Jewish Penicillin

Yup! You guessed it. I’m still not over this… this… whatever it is.
I’ve heard Chicken Soup (aka Jewish Penicillin) is supposed to be a great help. I’ve been making soup almost daily using quite a bit of¬†garlic. It seems to help, but it’s not been chicken soup.
I might try Jamie Oliver’s¬†recipe.


Is chicken soup really Jewish penicillin?

The scientific verdict is still out on this question. It certainly seems to help those with colds and congestion, but may not necessarily be the best choice for an upset stomach unless it is fat-free.

via Chicken Soup for the Cold – Jewish Penicillin.

[NaBloPoMo 2014] Weekend Hiatus

Dear Readers,

I¬†regret¬†to inform you that I will be taking a break over the¬†weekend. I’m¬†still not feeling well. The chest congestion and coughing don’t want to relinquish their grasp on my lungs. That’s¬†bad news for an asthmatic.
I know stress can effect the way the immune system works, so that is a potential issue as well.

I have been doing all I can think of, to fight off whatever this junk is. Taking vitamin¬†C, in supplement and juice form;¬†eating TONS of Garlic (sorry vampire friends) and chicken soup; OTC medications. So¬†I’m hoping to be closer to¬†normal by Monday.

Praying health and strength for you and yours,


P.S. Vampire friends, don’t take it personally that I’m eating garlic. Just think of it as my way of keeping you from getting whatever this is. ¬†ūüėÄ

Can You Hear Me

Can you hear me?
Do you really care?
I hear you say you do,
but you’re not mentally there.

You focus your attention
on your computer or your phone.
I’m wanting your¬†attention…
inaudibly I groan.

¬†This isn’t just an¬†occasional thing,
it seems to happen daily.
I’m broken on the inside,
but I try to smile bravely.

You tell me that you love me
and that you want to spend time together.
I think you believe you need a lot of money,
but that would take forever.

We’ve discussed this many times before,
I feel like you¬†think it’s ‘for the birds’.
But clearly you don’t understand this:
your actions speak much louder than any of your words.