Cold Breezy Rainy Evening

It’s cold, breezy, and raining.
Current temperature: 52° F.

For once it’s actually quiet.
No noisy neighbors and traffic has subsided.

I love the cooler weather for the most part,
but as a person with asthma… breathing isn’t as easy.

Hubby would rather see snow than rain.
I don’t mind it either way.

The kids await the flying snow as well.
They haven’t played in snow since they were toddlers.

We haven’t had a good snowfall since 2009.
Three big snowstorms in four weeks dropped over 2 feet of the fluffy stuff.

Local news and weather stations, as well as the Farmer’s Almanac
are saying it’s going to be a very cold and snowy winter here.

We could see snow as soon as next weekend.
Too bad it isn’t cold enough to snow right now.

Nevertheless, I will enjoy the peace and quiet
on this cold, breezy, rainy evening.