2015 Fitness Goals

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Yeah, I know… it’s almost the end of January, but it’s not too late to start making goals for the year.

Goals? Don’t you mean resolutions?

NO! I mean GOALS.
Resolutions are too easily tossed to the side.
GOALS require commitment.

I have made several goals for the year and fewer fitness goals, but will be making more. For now my list consists of:

1) Working out more often.
I started slacking after school started. (I’m a homeschool mom).

2) Walking 300 miles over the course of the year.
I think I’m falling a bit behind, but I’ll catch up within the next month or 2.

Counting Our Blessings

This morning I saw my son staring at the calendar. He turned to look at me and exclaimed, “I can’t believe there’s only ONE day left in the year!”

One Day LEFT in 2014?! Where did the time go?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me 2014 has flown by.
It wasn’t a bad year. It wasn’t a great year, but I have no complaints. I may not have accomplished everything I wanted to, or achieved every goal I set out for the year, but that’s life. Not everything goes according to plan and that’s OK.

I’m thankful for the experiences, both good and bad, that I’ve had this year. It’s like I’ve told my kids, “Life is a learning process; it’s full of tests. If we fail a life test, God is gracious and merciful and gives us other opportunities to pass it.”

I used to dwell more on the negative things in my life,
but I’m getting better at counting my blessings instead.
A few weeks ago, I saw a post on FB with an idea to do just that:

You need a large jar with a lid.
Decorate it as you’d like.
Every time something good happens during the year,
write it down on a slip of paper and put it into the jar.
Then on New Year’s Eve you read all of the good things that happened during the year.
A Jar of Blessings!
Repeat annually.

Holiday Weight Maintenance

Between October and December many people find it difficult to maintain &/or lose weight, however, it IS possible.
If you think about it, there really is no difference in HOW it’s done. It’s still all about what you eat, how much, and exercising.
PORTION CONTROL & SELF-CONTROL are most of the problem.
How many people do you know who binge and over eat during holiday festivities?
I for one am guilty of doing it in past years, BUT…
this year I am challenging myself to have more self-control so that THIS doesn’t happen:

Photo was shared by a friend of mine on FB

Also, remember to drink plenty of water.
HINT: Water can HELP with weight loss.
Drink a glass (or two) of water before sitting down to dinner.

May you and yours have Happy and Safe holiday celebrations!

Happy Birthday JESUS!!

Happy 2014!!!

I don’t make resolutions for New Year anymore. Resolutions are usually a plan lacking real motivation; they last maybe a few weeks at most.
NO! I make commitments.

This year I commit to (in no particular order):

  1. Being more active–exercise more, no excuses!
  2. Eating more healthily–not in a place to totally eat clean but cut out more of the processed junk.
  3. Get closer to God–read the Bible and pray more.
  4. Improve myself–being a better wife and mother.

It is my prayer that you would be blessed with good health, strength, & prosperity in 2014.

We don’t have any plans tonight, just staying home and watching tv.
For those of you that are going out to celebrate the NEW YEAR enjoy yourselves; But be smart & be safe…

And for the record, DON’T TEXT & DRIVE either.

Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go…

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

I’m not the type that makes New Year’s Resolutions and I haven’t thought about setting goals in several years. So this is going to take some thought.

One goal I’ve been working towards, but haven’t been as diligent as I should be, is losing weight. It’s not an easy thing to do. I’m not one of those people that need to lose only a few pounds. So it’s going to take some work.
And don’t feed me this garbage about some magic pill, weight loss beverage, or some other “miracle weight loss” thing. It’s ALL bunk!
Truth of the matter is… all you’ve got to do is get off your lazy bum & MOVE!  (I could write a whole other blog topic on this alone).

There are a couple of other things I’d like to be better about doing; forming better habits. I want to be better about spending time reading God’s Word and praying. I want to get closer to the Lord.
I want to be a better wife for my Beloved husband and a better mom to our two blessings.
And I need to learn to better manage my time.