Happier Days

I’m tired of
your same old ways,
making excuses
day after day.

You tell me that
you want to change,
but your ‘goal’
seems way out of range.

I’m tired of
your verbal appeasement;
proof, in action,
would be a better achievement.

Aren’t you tired
of my complaining?
I feel like you think
my words are disdaining.

How can I make it more
perfectly clear?
When it’s too late
and I’m no longer here?

If you actually gave a damn
you would do as you say.
No more excuses & lies
would make for happier days.

Can You Hear Me

Can you hear me?
Do you really care?
I hear you say you do,
but you’re not mentally there.

You focus your attention
on your computer or your phone.
I’m wanting your attention…
inaudibly I groan.

 This isn’t just an occasional thing,
it seems to happen daily.
I’m broken on the inside,
but I try to smile bravely.

You tell me that you love me
and that you want to spend time together.
I think you believe you need a lot of money,
but that would take forever.

We’ve discussed this many times before,
I feel like you think it’s ‘for the birds’.
But clearly you don’t understand this:
your actions speak much louder than any of your words.

[NaBloPoMo 2014] Extended Writer’s Block

Have you ever had extended writer’s block? How long did it last? What did you do to break out of it, and do you have tips for other bloggers?

writer’s block: the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Before I started blogging, the only thing I used to write were poems and short stories. Writer’s Block wasn’t a big issue because I wasn’t writing every day. I wrote when I felt inspired.

Before I started blogging, the last poem I wrote was for Father’s Day 2011. Prior to that was two years before we moved from Michigan to New Jersey in 2009.

Since writing the Father’s Day poem for my husband, I don’t recall writing much of anything until I started blogging. I do remember attempting to write…

There was a glimmer of inspiration. A single thought, to become a line in a poem…
I wrote it down.
Then, something that usually took minutes to pen, was suddenly lost…
the glimmer fizzled out.

I was discouraged.

I tried again the following day, still nothing.

I felt defeated, but it wasn’t just because I couldn’t write. The circumstances of my life at that time were taking a toll on me and my emotions.

You see, I write from the heart.
I write from my feelings, experiences, and dreams.
I couldn’t write about something happy when I felt so miserable.

Fast forward a few months.

I found one of my writing notebooks and started thumbing through it. I read several poems before stopping on a page where I had started a potential chapter of a novella. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I knew I needed to improve my writing.

That’s when I decided to start blogging.

I had no idea what a blog was or what to do with it when I got started. I assumed it was an online diary or something of that sort. I found my way to WP and created my blog, then quickly proceeded researching what blogging is all about.
My blog sat idle for a month before my first post.
Two months later, another post. A week later, another.
I was struggling for content. I still wasn’t sure what to do with my blog.
All I knew was that I wanted to keep writing.

Sometimes I struggle with writer’s block. We all do. We could go days, weeks, or even months without writing. It’s frustrating when you want to write but can’t think of anything. Or when you struggle to keep going on a project you’ve started.

Because I have struggled so often, I’ve Google’d for writing prompts, use WP daily prompts, and have found other writing resources.

Have they helped? Um… check my post calendar.
I’m happy to say that I’ve been writing daily for the past two weeks. Sometimes multiple posts in a day.

Will it continue? I certainly hope so. But writer’s block will probably rear it’s ugly head again at some point.

Friendship — Lean On Me

Image was created by me. Graphic of girl owned by copyright owner & used with permission.

Image was created by me. Graphic of girl is owned by copyright owner & used with permission.

What is a friend?

A friend sticks closer than a brother
A friend loves unconditionally
A friend is trustworthy
A friend is helpful
Even in trying times,
a true friend stands with you.
Your friendship may be tested,
but a true friend is always loyal.
A friend will lift your spirit
A friend will encourage
A friend is a gift

I hope I am that kind of person.
Is that what you see in me?
I want to be the type of friend,
that God would have me be.

And now,
“An oldie, but a goodie…”

I do not own this video, but thought it was appropriate for this post.