A Great College Football Rivalry Holds Fond Memories

Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 3:30 pm eastern time the Michigan State Spartans host the Michigan Wolverines. The game can be viewed on ABC and ESPN3.

I have been a fan of the University of Michigan for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home where sports was on television often. I grew up to like many of the teams that my dad follows and some that he can’t stand.

I will be enjoying the game tomorrow, but with a heavy heart.
My grandfather, my dad’s dad and a huge Michigan State fan, passed away almost five years ago. I remember when I was a teenager, sometimes my dad would go visit him on game day. Other times the entire family would visit and watch the game together. We always formed a friendly rivalry on game day. It seems that every member of my dad’s side of the family supported the Wolverines except grandpa. We used to tease each other throughout the game, especially during time-outs, commercial breaks, or at half-time.

I will admit, even though U of M and MSU are rivals I do support MSU, but only when they’re not playing U of M. I support most Michigan teams, after all that’s where I grew up. And I will always root for the Wolverines first.

Every season, when this rivalry comes around, I always think of my grandfather. It’s a reminder of so many other family get-togethers. And I miss those times together.

I love and miss you SAM, but I have to say it: Let’s Go BLUE!!!

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